OK... here's the deal... i know the basics... i can play the basics at a lightning fast speed but i dont know what i play and when i play it...

Hence.... I need to learn the basics from scratch...
Basically, i want to know what scale i am playing at and when i change it AND know most of the common scales... i guess it would give me a lot more control rite..??

Its been 5 years of playing the guitar for me... talk about late realisation.. LOL

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
I just dont understand how you could play any scale on demand...

Um i dont understand that, do you play by yourself, changing scales is something i;ve never done if a songs in E i'll generally stick to it just mix up position and phrasing. The scale your playing is what ever the root note is, gets a bit over my head when people take it past that and throw in modes.
Just start at the beginning.

Learn the notes on the fretboard
Learn all about the major scale

and take it from there...
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