Ok, this enigmatic girl is someone I want to know more of. The only interaction I've ever had was the last day of school last year, where I guess I kind of found common ground with her in the topic of music. So, I gave her a list of music she should check out; I know, I know, I shouldn't force my music down someone's throat, but I had a feeling she would like it; and that's it.

Now, this year, I walk past her everyday and she smiles and I say hey. Damn. Should I ask her what'd she think of the list? Tell me what you think, ohh pit, all comments welcome. (Who lets themselves get insulted over the internet? that's how those ridiculous myspace suicides happen).

man..she's nothing like me. I like her attitude, and she plays guitar. I'm trying to form a band with her. It'd be cool if she was down to tok up one day, but she's the nerdy, anime watching type, so I doubt that'd happen. I just feel stupid initiating conversation, putting myself out there, etc. blah blah. Maybe just scared of rejection.
She plays guitar? Ask some random rubbish around that. E.g. "Hey, I know you play guitar, what do you think of the new Gibson Robot?" "The what?" *EXPLAIN!* the start of a convo, and possibly a discussion.
yea, just gently touch her arm when she passes to get her attention. and say something like 'oh hey, what did you think of the music i said about?"

and take it from there.

secondly, dont forget to shout surprise!

and thirdly, relationship thread dude.
Don't form a band with her if you want to get with her, it'll end in tears.

You'll either get with her then break up, or spend your whole time pining after her while she gets with the rest of the band and other guys.

Anyway, just talk to her, simple as that.
let her know that your wanting to start a band and wanted to see if she'd like to join?

or just start with something simple like how are you or something, jesus it's not that hard.
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Do a barrel roll.

Grow a pair.

And go the the relationship thread please.


That's the flaming done, don't post guys.

i didnt flame, i tried to help.

but yep, stop posting, and some one move this to the relationship thread please?
"Hey, whats up?" usually works.
For those who care.
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Or get a pogo stick, if SOAD has taught me anything, it's that girls love pogo sticks. Plus you win if she wants a go.

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