Well I've been thinking of getting myself a new guitar, and I have been looking up a lot of 7-stringers lately. What I was wondering was that since the low-B string is tuned a perfect fifth below the low-E, then I can logically be able to drop the low-B down a whole step in order to get that dropped tuning that metal guitarists so enjoy. Is this process right? I'm looking up 7-stringers as I currently tune to drop-C, and have been thinking of going lower(yes I know, lower is not better, but just my liking thank you), so I thought it would be better to just get a 7-string and then drop it down. So what do you guys think? And ohh, I'm planning to go to drop-G# or F# if you were wondering. And while your here, what's the lowest you think people should go before it sounds like a puddle of mud(no pun intended).

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I think you'll find that B to E is a perfect fourth. G# is mighty low. does anyone play in that? Nile is dropped A or something. but yeah definitely go for a 7 string for what you're suggesting.
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Yeah, Nile use Drop A (love playing in it) and Sun O))) have tuned down to F and G on some songs...
Ibanez already have an 8 string guitar in production i think... its a prestige though, so it may be a bit pricey.
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A 7 string baritone with 15s?

Or maybe just buy a 6 string bass.

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Lowest I have tuned is A, it's nice and low....BUT WILL NEVER BE LOW ENOUGH!

I wouldn't want a bass though.....it's not the same...
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just wait a little while until 8-string guitars start to be in full production if you want to tune that low.

I dont think it will be long before they do. Or, if you cant wait, get on from www.haloguitars.com

I just posted this in another thread, but it works here as well:

The thing about 8 strings is that they're quite specific; thanks to the huge amount of strings you need a very well carved neck or someone would need huge hands to play it, you need pickups with great definition and constructing a neck as found on an 8 string is a challenge, given the high string tension.

On top of that, they're pretty uncommon; they're not for everyone, so developing one as a company or stocking them as a store always comes with the risk that no one will buy them.

Most stores and companies aren't even interested in seven strings, let alone eight.

The Ibanez is probably one of the cheapest you can find. Unlike many custom builders they can produce large numbers and they don't use super fancy woods.

When going the 8 string route, it will probably mean paying good money to get one. The Ibanez is a good choice because it's at the low end of the market, it's still a great guitar and it probably won't take as long to get one as it does with companies like Conklin, Blackmachine and Hufschmid.

Believe me, when you're getting an instrument like that it's better to pay more than it is to get a cheap model, with the risk of having an uncomfortable neck which might warp under the tension eventually.

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So what do you guys think? And ohh, I'm planning to go to drop-G# or F# if you were wondering. And while your here, what's the lowest you think people should go before it sounds like a puddle of mud(no pun intended).


You can go as low as your amp allows you to.

When playing an 8 string (low F#) through a nice, properly EQ'ed, tube amp, it sounds pretty nice. On the other hand, when I made the mistake of using a SS Line 6 halfstack, it lost all definition and clarity on the low string.

Also, on top of that, the scale length is a factor. Ernie ball Music Man have a baritone which is essentially a bass, because it's one octave down. The reason why it still sounds good is because of the longer scale length.
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y would u need to go that low? the lowest i go with my 7 is 1 step down thats heavy enough. if u want low u should just play bass
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