Okay figured this'd be the best place to ask, how can I play in the key of A?
I found some other things on google and one on another guitar site, I really don't grasp this so any help would be great, thanks.

Also, where can I find an accurate tab of My Generation by the Who please?
Thanks again
I would recommend starting from the beginning theory wise, there are loads of good threads in musicians talk forum.

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The key of A major consists of three sharps, first F#, then C# and G#.
so when you wanna play a F you play F#, and so on.
If you wanna learn about keys you should learn the circle of 5ths.
If been learning music theory for more than 8 years now and yes i no im a little music nerd
I kind of understand now.
I am not a guitar newbie, been playing for about 3 years, it's just I have only just started to play decent
Jking, I am only just getting more into theory cos I am gonna try finding a band.

Thanks peeps

Stl Dizzy dw I did understand it. Thanks again, now I can finally learn that song !!
When starting to learn theory, the most valuable thing you can do is learn all the notes of the fretboard. Get yourself to a point where you can name any note, anywhere on the fretboard without hesitation. This type is fretboard knowledge is immensely helpful in learning theory.

The key of A major is composed of the following notes:

A B C# D E F# G#