This is just a start...criticize please.

There are days like these when you wanna die.
Nothin' is right, it's all goin' wrong.
You just need someone to say the word.
It'll make your life turn right.

Everyone is mean, everyone makes you feel like ****.
You don't wanna do anything about it.
If you do, it'll just backfire.
And that's the last thing that you need right now.

You just need to find the one.
The one who'll change it all.
You might not expect it,
But Oh, they will reach your heart.

You'll find yourself in true-love.
The one will look so different to you.
But she'll be just the same.
All she did is say the word, to make it right.

Now your life is good.
And you would never want it to change.
Because your in love, with the one.
She made your life right, with nothin' wrong.

I'm not so keen on the subject matter, It doesn't seem to flow either.

It is straightforward though, to the point. Easy listening for the audience.
~:.*.:~She Is Your Suffering~:.*.:~

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