Whisper to me softly
I just need to here your voice(right now)
Look at me, I just
want to get lost into your eyes.

And right now I feel like no other moment
Could be, better than right now
Everyones around
But your the only one I see.

Listen to me just,
take in every word i've said
It's the sound of silence,
Don't say a thing
Cause you've already said it all

With your smile
I'M taking it all in
I'm starting to feel whole again
It's like this is what i've been waiting for all along

Breathe in deep, Exhale slowly
Tell me all the things you want, every single thing just let me
know, I promise I will find a way
To make every dream come true.

And it's The sound of silence
It's gone on too long
It's the break of dawn
and you've made me feel like i'm
where I belong.