Poll: Do you have the balls to talk to the chicks?
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Yes, anytime anywhere
103 26%
128 32%
Only under certain circumstances (specify)
156 39%
Voters: 401.
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Def. a skill I need to work on. I'm a decent looking guy, I've hooked up with some hott girls so I know IK have potential. I have glistening muscles, perfect teeth, I'm funny, and I--well nevermind. Anyway, I have this fear of approaching and talking to random girls. Do a lot of you have this to or do a lot of you just say **** it and go for it? I'd really really like help in this field cause it makes me depressed.
I have a fear of talking to ANYONE, even my friends. I'm extremely shy, and it sucks, so bad. I'm not ugly or anything, most people I do get the guts to talk to like me, but, I'm just shy.
Yeah, it's easy.

Then again, I am a girl myself.

We're not really that scary.
If we're standing around looking bored, we waiting for a guy to come up and talk to us!
Catch our eye, smile.
If we do the same back, we'd like to speak to you.
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I just fail completely with the opposite sex. I can talk to them but I absolutely suck at getting anyone to actually like me. And as for chatting up random chicks, I'll be good at that when pigs evolve wings.
Nope not at all.

Girls like confidence, just act like you got lots of it...

Oh, and beer helps!

EDIT: I mean that I have no problems with talking to a random chick.
I'll talk to most girls..

It's not hard, just be funny, and don't be afraid to make an arse of yourself lol. Unless they're feckin' stuck up slags. Then it ain't worth it.
I have never chatted up a girl in my life, I just talk tot hem naturally, have a laugh and that. If you go in with a 'chat them up' approach you'll never get anywhere. Unless you're a man-whore.
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I'll talk to anyone I damn well please.

I won't cold approach, though. She's got to give me an "in."


SD, I thought you were gay 0.o

I've tried, but its ended as awkward silences, because I don't really know what to talk about...
A very scary thing happened to me today - a girl gave me her phone number before I could even ask!

I find it easy to talk to girls at work, but other than that, I'm not very good looking, so I have to go on personality... which is difficult because I'm horrible at meeting new people.
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1 lesson, if you see a pretty girl and smile at her, and she smiles back, go talk to her. Just be yourself, dont use some cheesy line. If your just straight forward about things she'll be more receptive. But dont leer at her. That creeps girls out. Also no I dont have any problem talking to girls, its a matter of confidence.

Also try not to refer to your muscles as "glistening" just say built.
for such a high opinion of your appearance you'd think you'd have more confidence.

I don't have the chance to talk to random girls that often, but a few drinks usually calms the nerve.

I'm one of those people, who usually if talked to, will talk. If not, then not.

But here or there I tend to go along the lines of 'screw it' and just go, regardless of any confidence.
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Quit with the melodrama. If being too shy to talk to random girls ruins your life you have to put things into perspective.

Just nod to a hot girl you see, and if she responds, walk up and talk to her. Say hello. She's obviously interested.
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for such a high opinion of your appearance you'd think you'd have more confidence.

Oh yeah
I dunno, it's pretty easy for me in most cases. The only thing I really ever have to do is, before I start walking over, clear my mind, remind myself that they're just girls and that they're just like me (but minus a cock). Then I just repeat two words in my head while I walk up and I can chat up pretty much any lady I set my eyes on:

Fucking Charm.
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Not on the street, or in school, but in a club or something when I had some drinks there's nothing to it really.
No fear of random chicks. It's my wife that terrifies me.
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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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Yep, anytime. It's very fun
I've made a lot of friends that way, actually.
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I probably wouldn't go up to a random chick and start talking cause there would be no real subject. When talking to somebody new it's kind of weird, but to girls in general I'm fine.
me being a girl I really dont mind if some guy comes to me grow some confidence you all Although I have to confess I also dont go to every guy near me atleast not someone I've never met if I talked once or twice with someone I dont mind.
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Just being overflowing with confidence. If you fee l confident you will be confident. Girls like guys who are natural leaders and take initiative. Rule of thumb, if you wait more than 30 seconds after you make contact with her to talk to her, its probably too late.

But not cockiness.
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I'm totally retarded and anytime some chick actually looks interested i forget to to smile or nod, is just start fantasizing.....thats me

Oh, and the question we should now be asking is:what to say when you actually start talking so it dosent end up like this

*guy* hi my names john

*girl* i'm susan, nice to meet you

*guy* uh...ohhh.uhhh umm

*girl* feck of you retard
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