Does anyone know any good Metal band that play in D Standard (DGCFAD). I also play in Drop C so whatever other Metal bands you know that play in Drop C go ahead and name'em out.

Much Appreciated. Peace
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All that remains plays down a step (d standard)

atreyu and killswitch engage play in drop c
ummmm amon amarth maybe? queens of the stone age do too i think, not exactly metal though.
Insomnium and Kronos come to mind.

However, go to the stickied metal recommendation thread for this sort of question.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Symphony X

too tired to think any more atm
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Susperia do I believe.
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Kreator. I think quite alot of newer thrash bands do, too.
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ummmm amon amarth maybe? queens of the stone age do too i think, not exactly metal though.

Amon Amarth is either in Drop B or Standard B. I forget which.
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Symphony X
Me lol
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Children of Bodom

Nuff said.
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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Atheist play D standard regardless of what other people think, at least their newest album was that tuning. Never bothered learning any songs from the other albums even though I listen to them all the time.
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My band do :P

And yeah, if you're counting 80's hair metal type stuff, Motley Crue do. And others mentioned I confirm are Pantera some of the time, and Testament.
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I think My Dying Bride Tuned to C on Turn Loose the Swans. Don't know if it was drop or not. I personally prefer my six string at C standard in my band with heavy gauge strings so they are not too loose. I like the tone palm muted down strokes get in the tuning.