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Starting online band, I can do mediocre rhythm (Y) and can kinda sing, although i suck at theory, i can write etc.

So, im underqualified but just wanna have some fun, tbh I suck but we could have something unique and special here xD

I am thinking rocky-poppy voice stylings, barre and power chord rhythm, and metal like lead solos etc to spice it up.

Simple bass root notes with the odd hammer-on/pull off/slide.

Blink 182 style drums would be nice, but this is a bit much to ask i suppose

If this makes any sense, reply as i really wanna get this into gear

Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220
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I can do rhythm guitar, not so much lead, bass, could do drums but I'm not able to do fills and stuff since I live in an apartment so i ditched toms.
I am up for lead and synth piano parts if ya want where do I sign in. could make a logo to. and heck why only metal solos why not pop vocals with metal guitar be like AlterBridge except pop vocals instead of alternative it will be a whole new genre.
I'd we willing to give vocals a whirl if you can't find anyone else.
ya just send me what ever your working on and I will make my part send it when your ready. sorry can't send ya some clips my laptop is curently not available till tommorow.
So who's doing, what and in waht order you guys sending the file around?
i think its
sicpuppy=rhythm guitar
rockfan7=lead guitar and synth
I could also do bass if needed but it shouldnt be too hard to find one.
also my email is
one last thing is for me, well i wont be able to record until christmas when i get a mic. srry bout that.
We should brainstrom some ideas (make a free invisionfree board or something, that way we can put files up on that or something.)
ok I recorded and came up with a song look at my profile and see it! it is pretty awsome and has some finger tapingly awsome solos
I wrote a song yesterday too, Havent recorded it yet though, its just power chords on my part but i got the foundations and lyrics sorted
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220
Ya we do and the song is on my profile now. name throws! "Nothing Left", "Fading Morals", "Surendering To Nothing", "Iron Eclipse", "Left To Live", "Failure To Serve", "Failure In The System" I really like Failure In The System sounds good for a online band
I like that I'm good with that check out the song on my profile yet
I dunno, it does sound alittle emo, let's toss out a few more ideas besides deciding on one.
as in the name for the forum type and get a domain name for it for free. and Sicpuppy got any lyrics?
I've always wanted to, but I sorta want to be the "lead" singer in this. Note, I don't really sound like the "poppish" type of thing. I'm more into the Robert Plant/Axl Rose field. Also, I have never taken vocal lessons, but I've been singing for over 2 years now. If you guys need me or not, send me an email at

I'll be MORE than grateful for this. If you need a voice sample, ask me on msn. Be sure to email me first in regards to making me a contact so I don't just block you. Send me an email that you're going to add me as a contact, then yeah. It's all good from there. Just to let you all know, I MIGHT already be taken from another certain online band, so tell me when my services are needed. ASAP.
i'll play bass
i play like everything
guitar singer, bass, and drums
i'm very versatile
so mcrfobtai
want to switch
i do drums
you do bass?

i'm pretty good at drums
i'm alright at bass
Well Still whats are name I made a rough copy of what the logo would look like for my bitter end. I have ideas forsome other stuff though
I think the name Best Kept Secret is a great name, its what me and my mates band were called before he became a douche
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220
sweet also, rockfan i liked ur son but it sounded a little heavy and metalish. I was under the impression that this was like a pop rock and pop punk sort of band. maybe it was the distortion on the guitar and the fast solo bits. and i like the name Best Kept Secret. maybe it could be Your Best Kept Secret? reminds me of a fall out boy song that has the line "I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake."
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