How we all goin?

My band and I are looking for a singer. We are located in Caboolture 40mins North of Brisbane, we play a metalcore/ thrash blend.

Must be determined, have gear, car would be good but not neccesary. Were all 19-20 so age doesn't matter as long as you can work with us.

Must have good scream with a large range (from high Screamo to Death), melodic vocals don't have to be great as we have a sick backup singer to sing.
Listen to: As Blood Runs Black, Old Killswitch (Jesse), Chimiara, Unearth for the range of screams we would like.

We are covering Fixation on the Darkess by Killswitch Engage and Through Struggle by As I Lay Dying so you must be able to know these songs and put your own touch on them.

We jam 3 times a week, once at Geebung and Elimbah (hence the car being a bonus).

If your interested send me a msg here or contact me at www.myspace.com/no_where_found_31


P.S Must also like goin on the drinky drinky at jam