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if the school needs money, they need money. cant help it

mcd has to be paying the school to use it
I see no sign of fortress.
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I fail to see any kind of problem here.
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...Happy Meals now might include milk and apple slices...

Milk and apples, huh? I hope McDonalds are planning on installing additional toilets in their restaurants...
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lol, I work for McDonalds here in England, but I can't see them trying to pull that here in Colchester.

"Well Jimmy, you're acing english, sports and history but you're failing spanish, maths and home econom- Oh look, let's go to McDonalds!"
Are you kidding? It's McDonalds!
Their adverts are annoying enough without adding them to report cards. That's called "Cruel and Unusual Punishment", and it's illegal in America. (Although George Bush might disagree )
look at the first comment on the aticle:

"get a life. who cares if mcdonald's is encouraging children to do well. we should be happy that they are taking an interest in education."

Mcdonalds doesnt give a rats ass about children. they are getting children addicted to thier crap food. oh and the apple stick dippers what a scam. a processed apple stick with sugary dipping. the thing is a candy apple. mcdonalds can make older people obease setting up other countries for a good 'ol fat joke but this is just sick.
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lol, I work for McDonalds here in England, but I can't see them trying to pull that here in Colchester.

I'm in Colchester! I'm afraid you won't see me in McDonalds though...
Those bastards. Who do they think they are?! Advertising their products, tsk tsk.

One meal at McDonalds won't turn your kid into a fat, artery clogged, blood pressure as high as a hippie, kid. Just because they don't eat it at school, doesn't mean they won't eat it outside of school. Treating the kid to it won't hurt them, but if the parents wants to give them fast food all day long, it's their fault, not McDonalds.

Junk food is bad I guess, but in moderation it won't kill you. I wish I got free McDonalds for grades, I'd definitely eat it.
oh no! little kids will go to mcdonalds and eat their food.. oh wait, they already do.

it's not advertising as much as it's rewarding little kids for getting good grades, maybe then they won't become such **** ups like most everyone else. If i were 7 years old again i'd be thrilled to go get a free cheesburger for getting an A
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Oh no. McDonald's is supporting kids with good grades. How dare they? Honestly, sometimes, I think people just look for reasons to complain.
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I'm in Colchester! I'm afraid you won't see me in McDonalds though...

Why not! Come down to Stanway Tollgate and get a Big Mac. Now.

Do the teachers have to be all like "and here are your report cards, brought to you by the good people at McDonalds restraunts, the finest restraunts in the entire universe"
Because that would just be class
That was a rare post..

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I don't know the answer, or have anything funny to say, but dude that is one sweet Bulbasaur avatar
"Timmy your report card says your progress in maths was McSatisfactory No fries for you!"
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I hate McDonalds even more now

does this help?

i saw in a hare krishna book that the people in the factories are told that it doesn't matter if 1 in 10 of the animals aren't sedated when skinned... so in 1000 animals, 100 are allowed to be skinned alive

nice to see they care
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WTF? One happy meal could destroy a child's health and future! How DARE they advertise on a report card!
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*head explodes*
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Why not! Come down to Stanway Tollgate and get a Big Mac. Now.

Well, when you put it like that *gets coat*

Hey, wait a minute...

Which bit's Stanway Tollgate? I haven't been here long...
Its not the fact that its McDonalds that is bothering me.
The thing is that advertising, is generally way too common.
Everywhere you'll go you will see it, and wether you'd like it or not, it will have to listen to it over and over and over, you simply can't run away, and thats called brainwash.
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In fact I recall my primary school giving out McDonalds vouchers and that was about 8 years ago.

1 Happy Meal is not going to doom a child to a life of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Government Benefits and pedophilia in later life.
thats just sick and wrong and wrongly sickening.
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Well, when you put it like that *gets coat*

Hey, wait a minute...

Which bit's Stanway Tollgate? I haven't been here long...

Lol, go out of Colchester towards London, past Lexden roundabout, keep going you end up on an industrial estate called Tollgate Business Park. Its where Sainsburys, PC World, Comet etc etc is.
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Sounds like my Uncle Ray when he did naughty things to me in nursery.
i love mcdonalds with a passion, they tore the one in my town down and are rebuiliding it.
whens its done ill be the first one there and will kill any straight A **** who gets in my way
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Rewarding children with junk food is not the solution, however easy it may be. Why do you think childhood obesity is going crazy? Part of the reason is parents and schools using food as a reward or the lack thereof as punishment. Children should be rewarded for getting good grades, but not with food.
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EDIT: I know where you mean now I'm at the Institute doing music, so you can come down to Essex uni for a jam, hehe.

dude does that turn out as a screamer cause i saw the "hey kids this is adverisement!" thing and instinctively Xed it out.
The problem here is not so much the advertising but the fact that the school is so desperate for money that they had to agree to this. It is the governments job to fund the school system, that's why we pay taxes. They shouldn;t have to resort to private companies.

As for Mcd's they're not my favorite company in the world, but at least they're not completely amoral, unlike coca-cola.
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