This is a JS100 Joe Satriani Signature model in excellent shape. It does have the upgraded Dimarzio Pickups(Joe and Fred) Comes with Hardshell case or gigbag depending on the deal. The action is fast and this thing sounds amazing!!

Im looking to trade this for an American or Japanese Fender or whatever else you have out there.

How much do u want for it? and where are you located? =]
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I have some stuff but no Fender. I do have a good Indiana strat copy. It's made out of Mahogany with a quilt maple neck. It has a transparent teal finish, H-S-S, 1 volume, 2 tone. It's a very nice guitar. I also have recording software, good pedals, mics. Anything interest you?
No thanks. Im sure its a nice guitar but not for me. I also have plenty of pedals and have a 002 for protools. Unless you have a really nice vocal condenser?