Hey y'all

Ok, so I've got a Les Paul I want to paint. My dad doesn't want me to, but eh. I'll wear him down.

Not entirely sure what to do for the paintjob. I initially wanted to do the Zakk Wylde bullseye, probably with different colours (black and dark red was my first thought, but it seems less cool every time I think of it) but I think it'll be too difficult to mask off the entire body and then accurately cut out circles, since it's a carved top. If you have any suggestions for that, please suggest away.

I'm not particularly interested in burst finishes, but if you have an insanely awesome idea feel free to pipe up

I'm mostly looking for something that's classy, (as an LP should be!) without looking classic. Shapes n stuff are in, as long as they're not Petrucci-esque shapes. Think metal? But classy metal! I'm making no sense at all.

I considered EVH-style stripes but I don't think that'd go down well at all.

Any suggestions?


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put on duck tape it looks really classy.

Just kidding i would go for the Zack wylde thing it looks stunning!
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i wouldnt say the wylde just because if you are going to paint your guitar you want it original, not someone else's design. just a thought. but the red and black sounds cool too
What's Petrucci shapes? Do you mean the Picasso paintjob he has on a few RGs?

My suggestion- paint it metallic grey with burgundy racing stripes, like the Shelby Series 1, only a little darker grey:

Confused4930 & Pikka Bird - Not really fond of silver on guitars, unless it's a resonator but they have an excuse Or bevels...

samerika - yeah, the ZW LP is awesome looking, it's just how to do it that concerns me..

metalsincebirth - yeah, I was thinking that too.. that's why I was considering different colours. I'm kinda thinking of cutting the guitar in half (metaphorically speaking!!) and having one side black/white and the other side white/black if you know what I mean? I'll do a mock up and see how it looks...

Davers440 - That is absolutely ****ing incredible Unfortunately, I'm nowhere NEAR good enough to pull something like that off!

Peace, and keep 'em coming