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American Style (Burgers, Fries)
20 29%
British Style (Fish & Chips)
7 10%
Indian Style (Currys, Onion Bhajis etc.)
2 3%
13 19%
KFC/Fried Chicken
11 16%
Other, specify in thread :)
13 19%
Voters: 70.
After just finishing a cicken tikka wrap, Ive began to wonder what UGs favourite fast food style is.

Oh ****, I missed Pizza :/
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i am a BK man but i've been clean for over a month from the fast food... although i catch myself day dreaming and drooling thinkin about triple stackers :-(
first Subway, then A & W
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TACO BELL, chicken quesadilla + crunch wrap supreme + nachos and cheese + LARGE pepsi = yes?
is Taco Bell considered Mexican??

i hope so cause i just voted "other"
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Quote by hippyguitardude
is Taco Bell considered Mexican??

i hope so cause i just voted "other"

Taco Bell is Texas style bro, get that through your head right this second.
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Chik Fil A
chicken sandwiches and hand made chocolate milkshakes ftw
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BK. are chicken fries not the best food innovation ever?
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KFC or Chinese.
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This isn't stereotypical at all.

If I'm allowed to count meal deals, then Boots. But if I'm not, then Chinese takeaway. Just can't beat a sweet & sour chicken with rice.
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Thai food is the best.
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mexican Taco shops i live close to the border so they are everywhere. Damm good carne asada fries
mexican ftw
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taco bell is good but if you want mexican style food you have to have burrito from chipotle. seriously is the best thing i have ever had.

i used to have those all the time when i lived in colorado, then my family moved back to louisiana where there isn't a chipotle for miles.
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ok so far no ones said this so im gonna say it:


i dont care who u are or if u havent even heard of it. best burgers ever and u get like a large combo meal for like 3 bucks!!
fish and chips? that doesnt sound good.

but thats what i thought about fish tacos. but there great!

edit: i like american style. my favorite place = FIVE GUYS
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