Ok, so I just messed up the truss rod on one of my other guitars, by turning it counter clockwise. The thing on the end where you insert your allen key unscrewed and came right off. I thought I could do that, because I thought it was two way adjustable. Aparantly not.

First of all, does this make any sense?

Secound, how are you supposed to know if a truss rod is one or two way adjustable?

Third, any ideas on how to get the nut thingy back on? (this question isnt nearly as important as the first two)
Truss rods are supposed to be two way adjustable, yours just seems to be a cheap one that unscrewed on you. Try putting some thread lock on the threads of the end of the truss rod, then screw the part that came off back on (if you can).
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You shouldn't ever mess with your truss rod unless you have a good idea of what is going to happen when you do.

A truss rod like yours, and on most guitars, works along with string tension. The truss rod pulls back while the strings pull forward. You adjust the truss rod to match the strings so the neck is straight.

At this point, I think you should bring the guitar, with the nut, to a shop.

EDIT: Also, I'm the kind of guy who usually tries to tell people what to do with their truss rod and encourage them to try it on your own. So, when I say I think you should take it to a shop, you should probably take it to a shop, or at least someone who knows a whole lot about guitars.
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if the truss rod nut popped off, it'll be broken.
find a shop that have the tool to recap it.

or, replace the neck, if it's a bolt on. sorry.

next time, remember to post here learn how to measure.

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Well I took the guitar to a local guitar god and friend, and he fixed it for me. Turns out the nut just came unscrewed like I had originally thought. Im still glad I took your advice though. The guy set up my guitar perfectly with this handy laser tool he had.

Oh, and Dog454, the truss rod on this guitar wasnt two way adjustable.

Thanks for your help everyone! Mission accomplished.