I know they are nothing near the real deal, but with the right replaces, could you potientally have a nice guitar, or is the wood and everything cheap ass..?
all ibanez are foreign. they used to be made in japan (the good ones), now i think most of them are made in Korea.

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im talking about the knowckoffs, and i did not know they were all forgein, thanks

mainly quality, anyone who knows anything about it...?
no, why would someone pay for something made with inferior wood, inferior pickups, inferior electronics and inferior hardware?
Basically the made look similar, but you'd be a turd to go and buy one
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chances are it's a plywood body and the neck's warped.

I wouldn't risk it.

why would someone make a decent forgery? (i mean one that's a high quality guitar, not a high quality forgery)

the cheaper it is, the more profit they make.
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