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So i just formed a band with my friends, and this is our first band for all of us. We have a few songs written but we've never done a show. Would it be a good idea for us to play for Retirement homes like christmas songs? My drummer came up with this idea to get used tot he idea of playing infront of people.? so yay or nay?
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I can't imagine playing at a retirement home would be anything but a god awful experience.
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Hm. Odd. I'd say go ahead and do it. It will get you some experience, you'll be doing community service, and you'll have a funny story to tell your fans in the future about playing for old people.
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That's very unorthodox, but I suppose if they're light acoustic regular versions of Christmas carols and whatnot, and if the retirement home supervisor supports it, then I say go for it.

And like Vulco_Vesper said, I'll be a funny story to tell.
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Erm, go for it lol. Be a laugh and you won't have anything to lose.
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I say go for it. Those old people would really appreciate it. They are so neglected in nursing homes.
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I would say do it IF, and only if, your drummer can play really quietly. Old people hate loud stuff. Also, it would probably be a good idea for you to play acoustic.
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Three posts above combined... great answer!

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Just don't play too loud, brushes for the drums is a good idea.
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Strangely enough, I actually did play at a retirement home once.

It was good experience and quite hilarious when some of the old people started dancing. :P

We played rock songs but we did them acoustically and my drummer used brushes.

I highly recommend playing there. It will get you guys good playing experience, let you give back to your community and if the worst case scenario happens where it goes badly, at least it's only a retirement home.
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Quote by Baba O'Riley
...and if the worst case scenario happens where it goes badly, at least it's only a retirement home.

Only a retirement home!? They have walkers...and canes...and oxygen tanks. Danger!

Nah but seriously you should throw in some Elvis and Buddy Holly, y'know, to give them what they'd like to hear.
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thanks for the answers. but yea we would do acoustic stuff.