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a while ago, me and my friends started a band, and we were all talking about how fun it was after our first jam. After that, I was the only one who was talking about it, writing songs, thinking about it, etc. I am the only one to ever mention me writing something or "we should have practice" . I have talked to them about it over AIM and stuff, and they just said they aren't as excited as me, but still really happy. Anyways, we haven't had practice since then, and I have stopped trying to motivate. So what should I do to motivate them? None of them seem very passionate about having a band, so I don't know what to do.

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I would call it quits with them and find people who are just as passionate. Theres no point in forcing them to play if they don't really want to, the quality of the music will be ****ed anyway.
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These guys are right. You should listen to them. I would.


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You sound exactly like me. Wanna be in a band???

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Find someone else to play with.
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ok thanks, I'll just stop talking about it and forget it never happened. I even went on the myspace and changed the genres to comedy, and the what we sound like to: nothing, we don't play music
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Look for some new people. These guys aren't into it. Find some dedicated people and don't worry there are out there.
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