I have a Takamine metal shaped guitar ive looked all over the net an ive seen nothing like it listed on any site ive seen many of the rare Takamine electrics but this is nothing like the others any clues on what it is
lol ive been looking everywhere for like thirty minutes thanks im redoing the guitar it just needs to be refinished and painted might take a bit
All I did was type Takamine electric guitars in google images and click the one that looked like it.
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Judging by the headstock and body shape, I'm going to take a shot in the dark, and knowing about Takamine, say those were made in the 80s for them by Aria. they look a LOT like the old Aria Pro II Bladerunners.
wierd everytime i go to the site it wont let me view them something on my end anyway thanks again
while im at it idk exactly what series ibanez i have havent put alot of time into it anyone know?
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