so i jsut got this loop station, but whenever i record something over another riff, it sounds like it's being drowned out sort of and making it sound like ****, is it my guitar or what or is this problem even fixable?
I have the loop station ur talking about.

I have noticed frequencies competing with each other in the loop station, but it shouldn't do what ur saying.

Also u might try recording a riff with a certain tone, then when you add the next piece to it change your guitar tone with eq or distortion or reverb, etc...it will help each part to stand out on its own.
did you put it in front of the amp or in the effects loop? I had then when I used it in front, but it worked fine in the effect loop.
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I assume you're overdubbing by playing a solo over chords, that happens to me too. It's because chords are simply louder than single notes, I use a boost or turn up the gain or turn up the volume on the pedal (if im using one) and that solves the problem, but the looper usually peaks and it can cause crossover distorton once in a while, sounds ****ty.
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