Ah, I love this show. The one where he cracks the light bulb with his head is awesome.
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I love Whose Line? Unfortunately, I don't get to watch it very much. I agree that everyone on that show is a genius.

My favorite skits are scenes from a hat and hoedown.
This is one of the best shows ever, the American version ran out though didn't it?

The UK version is still pretty hilarious, the lighting is so harsh though .

From the US version my favourite one is Colin Mochrie, he's too funny. I love when he does songs or raps, he's so bad at rhyming it's awesome . Ryan's pretty funny too though.

Ya I like Scenes from a Hat, and also just Hats. Oh! and another good one is Props.
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I always enjoyed Sound Effects, when they had people from the audience do the effects... There was one episode where these two old ladies just kept going "whooo.."


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I used to love it, that was years ago though....I haven't seen it in quite a while....haha oh man Richard Simons is fruitier than Gene Simons, and it is ****ing hillarious...
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yeah i wish they kept going......

theres an endless amount of clips from youtube though so thats a good thing...ooh and theres one 22 minute long vid with special guest robin williams!!! so awesome lol
colin mochrie (sp?) is an effing genious
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Yea that show is amazing. I made a thread about this a couple months ago. My favorite ones are the sound FX
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I love this show. Wayne Brady is my man crush.
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I love that show too, but I can't help but think that it's not 100% improvised...
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Those guys are all geniuses, easily, some episodes have literally left me laughing for 20 minutes straight. My words don't do justice.
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I heard Colin say he's not an improv artist and that he can't think as fast as the other guys on the show so he just says whatever random **** comes to his head and it happens to be funny.

Edit: http://youtube.com/watch?v=JkP6vD-cJtA&feature=related

With Colin's excellent impression of Craig T. Nelson.
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the UK version is on Dave at around 1pm or 2pm i cant remember, the US version is on FIVE US (channel 180 for sky) at 12pm...so if you time it right you get 2 hours of Whos Line

Ryan and Colin are legends
Never seen it before, but from the first minute of that first video, I really don't like Richard Simmons.
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Never seen it before, but from the first minute of that first video, I really don't like Richard Simmons.

Richard Simmons wasn't like, a regular on it, or anything. I'm not particularly fond of that scene either.

I enjoy both the American and British versions, so God damn funny. I do what someone above suggested when I have the time, watch it on Dave, then switch over to Five US for a good few hours of it. Never gets old.

Colin and Ryan ftw <3
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greatest comedy show ever. they just started replaying it where i live, so i get to watch it every night of the week.
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i swear this is probably the funniest things I've ever watched on T.V.

these guys are geniuses

here are some link if you're interested

who else loves Whose line??

I wish they would put it back on the air

I liked this one the best...Ryan broke the set: