Death Mask is once again on a search for a bassist. We have shows lined up and need to find a person that is reliable. And also lives within a reasonable distance of Fredericksburg, VA.

The qualities that we are looking for...

Age: 18-30ish
Experience: about 6-15yrs roughly give or take
Must have own equipment
Must have own transportation
Must be responsible and reliable
And must be creative.
And no drug issues.
No overconfident egos.

We are a metal band first and foremost but we have been associated with:
Black Grind
Death Metal
Black Metal
Blackened ****ing Death

We don't care for these labels because we play whatever the hell we want and will not be hindered by limiting ourselves to one genre other than that of METAL.

The guitarists play on 7-string guitars so a bassist with at least 5 strings is preferred. But a 4-String player will be considered if they are willing to down tune.

Our creative process is fully open to every member. We are not dick heads and think a song should be a predetermined way. This is going to be our third search for a bassist so we are being specific.

All inquires can be sent to this address on the Death Mask Myspace Page we also can be contacted by E-Mail at deathmask@excite. Please put something in subject of the email such as: Bassist information for Death Mask.

We will be recording sometime in either January or February and we already have some shows lined up so we need to find you, teach you, and then put you to work.

We have posted our four song demo's Guitar Tabulature here at http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/search.php?s=deathmask&w=songs