I want to put a john petrucci Picasso sticker on my Jackson DXMG(unoriginal I know), but still, and being the tight, scottish student that I am, i want to find the cheapest way to get the best result.

Petrucci's looks like this

I am planning on drawing the shapes out onto cardboard and getting them the way I want them on the guitar first before I go and buy anything, but then I'm stuck as I dont know what kind of material to get. I was thinking along the lines of a vinyl sticker, like the kind of vinyl wrap you get for cars and such.

Also after the sticker has been put on, should I put a layer of lacquer on after the sticker? If i was to do that, how would I treat the surface before applying the sticker, apart from cleaning it?

Anyone who has done something similar or can offer advice would be great.
Or anyone who works in a John Petrucci Guitar Sticker factory that wants to do me a favor...

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