I'm playing an Ibanez S470 which comes with a Zero Resistance floyd. I'm interested in tuning my guitar in fifths with the following string gauges:
0.74, 0.54, 0.34, 0.22, 0.15, 0.10
I'd also love to set up a piezo. It seems that the only floyd type bridge that will take a piezo set up is the Lo-Pro Edge, but I haven't found any conclusive evidence of this anywhere.

So here are my questions:
Is there a better way to install a piezo set up on the stock S470?
If not, is it actually possible to install the piezo on a Lo-Pro Edge?
If so, which piezo works with the set up?
Does the Lo-Pro Edge fit in the S470?
And finally, will the 0.74 gauge fit in either bridge?

Your ideas/answers would be greatly appreciated and I'll post the details of the final set up once it's done.

Ideally, I was looking for something like this: http://www.graphtech.com/ghost_info.php (which a friend of mine has and I should mention sounds incredible) And it turns out that a floyd bridge is in production to be released in January 2008. Also, the gauge fits.
Thanks for the suggestion, it indeed would have solved the problem.