I'm trying to learn to jam on songs better, and I'm looking at Comfortably Numb right now.
From what I can tell, the song is in D. Looking at the solo it seems to be in the D major Pentatonic (or B minor? How can I tell, just from the chord progession which contains I, IV, V, bVII?)
Does this change throughout the song? I'm trying to get some diversity in my soloing, but as long as I'm the same pentatonic boxes I seem to sound the same.
So my question is, is the song in D major and are both solos entirely in that scale?
D major is B minor. The solos are not completely pentatonic, but they stay within the B minor/D major scales.
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The song starts in B minor, then goes to D major, then B minor, then D major, then B minor for the final solo. They both contain the same notes, but D major means it tends to accentuate the major notes, while B minor tends to accentuate the minor notes.
Both solos are in major scale pretty much, with some blue notes added in.

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the first solo is playing in a progression in D major. the second solo is over a B minor progression. like the guy above me said, they both contain the same notes, but the progression under them is what gives the song it's tone.
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I don't think I explained myself very clearly before, I'm trying to figure out what song a key is in. For instance crossroads.
I'm using guitar pro so I can see the sheet music, but they never have the key signature's listed. Crossroads seems to be in C but every now and then there is a random C#. I don't know much about theory but this doesn't seem to make sense to me.
The progression seems to be E, A, and D.
The E is played in the turnaround which would make me think that this is the V chord and that it's in the key of A. Is this correct?
And what would the solo be in then, A major?
Yeah crossroads is blues in A - Clapton uses a mixture of A major & A minor pentatonic (very common approach to blues soloing)