Hey, I'm looking to buy a Gibson Firebird V in Classic White. Now i really want one but can't find any reviews to see how good it is. Can anyone help me by telling me if im wasting my money or not, because as you will know they are pretty expensive.
well u wont have fun sitting and playing with this one

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well u wont have fun sitting and playing with this one


Firebirds are actually easier to play sitting down than they are standing up...I should know...I have a VII...

The Firebird V is meant to be really good...bear in mind you've only got 2 mini buckers on that one though....and they look fantastic, & the banjo tuners are meant to hold tuning really well...personally i prefer the look of the cherry (and that ones easier to find ), but colour is your choice...just be aware of gibsons quality control at the moment...

And I found a review on harmony central...there is just the one though...

EDIT: also check out some of the american websites for reviews (e.g. Musicians Friend)...as for finding one to buy...that'll be a bit trickier...
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My guitar teacher has one and he loves it. the only bad thing he said about it is that the next was a bit heavy.
I live in the UK and finding a guitar shop near me with one of those in aint exactly easy. i can fing them online in shops further away but this doesnt give me a chance to try it.
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I think the Firebird is an acquired taste.

I played one the day I got my LP, just to compare, and to be honest, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Although the mini-buckers surprised me with how meaty they sounded (very "punchy" and focused") and it had great sustain as well, it was really neck heavy, awkwardly balanced sitting and standing, the neck felt quite fat and oddly profiled compared to the LP and SG's I tried, and my arm and hand just didn't sit right when playing it. Because the neck on a Firebird isn't angled like on the LP or SG, it doesn't really feel like it "hugs" in to your body as much, and as a result the neck feels really long

I think you need to try it out for definate, as I didn't immediately fall in love with it like the Les Paul, maybe it'd grow on me over a period of time, but IMO you need to immediately have a bond with the guitar (after a couple mins playing of course!!) to know it's the right one for you.