Hi everyone,

I haven't been playing for all too long (about a year now)...and I recently started getting lessons. I really want to improve my improv skills and it would be really usefull to have another guitar playing chords in the background, or a piano playing chords in the background for jazz/blues kinda things. Technically I could play these things myself, but I don't know how to record it and just have it loop so I can always continue playing. That way I also won't have to record too much.

Any tips on how I could get this done?

Thanks in advance,
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a loop pedal? honestly take a song that you like and play over it. this would work well too because you already have your own feeling for the song so it might evoke something real instead of just diddling randomly over random chords. if that song has vocals that you want to get rid of it can still be done. best example i can think of is some electronica like Deep Dish.
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Yea if you are only planning on recording guitar and want to play along with it without editing the clips you should get a looper pedal.
if you want to start getting into recording yourself and other instruments you should look into interfaces for the PC
well the first step in recording is to read the stickies in the riffs and recordings forum (one of which was linked to). do a search and then ask questions there if you need help.