What does UG think about chips in a finish? Worth the repair, or does it build character? My guitar just got chipped yesterday, and at first I was kinda distraught (it's pretty nasty) but after a while I kinda looked at it like one of those overused I-am-cool-evil-scar-on-the-eye type things, and I kinda liked it. I'm still wondering if I should fix it, though, but if sound isn't affected it doesn't hurt that much :P
adds character. my LP looks beat to 2h1t, but i like it that way. still sounds awesome.

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hey...you got a nice beat up rock guitar chicks are like hey look, hes been playin for a long time...
Yeah. Beat up can be amazing... to some degree. There is a point where it just becomes ridiculous. Like... with burn marks, and huge chips in the wood, and anything intentional really. But... small chips is okay. Unless there's too many...

Edit: I can't see your pic, so I'm not sure what state your geet is in.