Anyone know where to get like a dethklok or maybe BLS t-shirt? I saw some when i went to toronto when i went in a mall, but im in the US xD. Don't say hot topic, i despise that place

****, meant to say band t-shirt
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just go to hot topic or maybe you could always try the bands merch site.
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Im not ordering T-shirts online...
and screw hot topic.

jc penny/kohls has ac/dc led zepp, etc shirts, but unless it sounds like youre screwed if you dont like either of those options.
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There's nothing wrong with buying a shirt from a certain store.

edit: Dude below me, what Old Navy's do you have around...
Who dat?
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Old Navy, they have all sorts of kvlt shirts, I'm sure theyd have a dethklok/BLS one.
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Well, let's see here. You've got two options:

1. Go to Hot Topic.
2. Buy Online.

But considering you don't like either of those options, you're fucked.

I'd recommend that you stop whining about Hot Topic. It doesn't matter how many scene kids like the place. It doesn't change the fact that it's the only place to find most band tees.