i was comming over this hill going like 30 and i see a semi in the middle of the road. he was pulling out of a side road onto the highway i was on. the road was totally iced over hence the speed i was going.

so i start to slow down and i see the first car in the line start to slide. he barely missed this semi.
the guy in from=nt of me locked up his brakes and slid to the side
i got on my brakes and slid toward the guy in front of me.
then i was going about 15
like 10 feet in front of me was the guy in front of me.
i didnt want to go into the ditch cuz it was more like an embankment like 10 feet down.
so i said fuck
and slammed into him.
nothing really happened to his car but a rack in the bumper, but my hood is all smashed up and one or two of my belts fell off and i lost power steering, braking and my alternator.
so i guess this is a rant, although i did hit the guy, it was caused by the haste of the fat faggot truck driver.
so now im without a car and looking forward to high insurance rates and paying for my damages.

anyone else have a similiar experience?
my uncle got knocked of his motorbike 2 days ago by a ****ing pulling out **** luckily all he got was a broken leg
How else is the truck driver supposed to get out though? Not saying he wasn't the root cause of everything, but do you expect him to wait until like 2 am so that no cars are coming? He has to pull out sooner or later.
i'm not saying that some truckers aren't idiots though. 'Cause they are, but I don't think this is such a case.
one time i rear ended some woman cuz she stopped dead in the middle of the lane for no reason (Yield sign, i was looking up the road for traffic coming, long story, she's a *****) my truck was still driveable but i had to pay to fix her peice of ****, fight the ticket in court and fix my truck.

it was balls.
One time I drove off a cliff with a 50 foot drop into a river. Luckily, I hit a tree head on about 9 or 10 feet down the side of the huge ledge after teetering over the edge and it stopped my car. I crawled out and made a dead sprint for civilization. Easily one of the most messed up moments of my life. A tree saved me life. I still don't know why there aren't guard rails there. Anyhow, I got a tow truck to pull my car back up to the road, and it RAN! The transmission is still little faulty from 2nd to 3rd, but I can't complain. Insurance never found out. HAH!
i just watched a car wreck in front of my house...
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