Poll: What Should I Get For a Better Sound?
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New Amp
15 100%
New Pedals
3 20%
New Guitar
4 27%
New Pickups, Strings, etc
2 13%
Voters: 15.
Well to start...I have an "Academy" Stratocaster...consider it an unbranded Strat.
It's a pretty basic guitar...which I found to be good for a starter guitar, and it was cheap! What I need advice on is what should I be getting to improve it, maybe a new (somewhat cheap) guitar, and any pedals.

I mainly play Punk and Metal...stuff like Green Day, Metallica, and I also like playing Rage Against the Machine.

I need some opinions on stuff like String Gauges, Pickups, etc...thnx for anything!

**PS: If you can recommend any Pedals to improve my sound for those 3 sounds (Punk, Metal, and that Tom Morello sound), that would be appreciated......also any new guitars for the future?
I was doing my own research on getting a new amp...so your advice didn't really help...and right now I like my amp, I think it sounds good for it being practically unbranded
Quote by Green RATM Day
I was doing my own research on getting a new amp...so your advice didn't really help...and right now I like my amp, I think it sounds good for it being practically unbranded
Isn't the reason you're asking about pedals and a new guitar that you'd like to improve your tone? Because if that is the reason, a new amp will make the biggest difference.
Hmmm...well how would the amp help? Not saying your wrong...I just don't have a lot of knowledge with this kinda stuff
About the pickups...any suggestions? I really don't know much about anything gear related...thats why I started this
Quote by thegrungyhippie
uh, pickups then?

There's absolutely no reason to buy new pickups if they're gonna be used with a cheap 10W SS practice amp. Also, the guitar will most likely be made out of plywood, so upgrades will be more of a waste than anything else.
Heh. Yeah. Get a new amp. World's difference. Most pedals will most likely sound REALLY bad with a crappy amp.
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Try the Digitech DF-7 it has 7 different distortions that could probably help you get a good punk/metal sound.

Im not sure what you mean by the Tom Morello sound unless its the Digitech whammy pedal he uses.
Kk...well new amp...Ill remember that...can any of you give me an example, I'm hoping for something thats not like 100W and very expensive...I want a practice kinda amp, doesn't have to be like 10W, but I don't want something that I'm gonna have to save up for until I'm 18...

Just so you all know, I'm under 15...so...money doesn't come that easily since I don't have a job or anything
crucible, when I say the "Tom Morello sound", I mean that sound that he has, like with the Whammy and Wah's...but I'm looking for specific products...like I know he uses a Digitech WH-1 Whammy
oh, thegungiehippie....the Delay is in kinda bad condition.....they belonged to my dad from a long time ago...and I also don't think I would ever think of selling those which he "passed down" to me...just so you know that...
ok, thanks........well I've decided that since I have little cash, I'm going to practice first, practice as in forget about the sound and just learn more, once I get more cash, and decide I'm going to take this seriously, I'll get a new amp.
I kinda figured out that, what good will an amp do? I don't have cash, and my friends who play with me most likely won't take this seriously and buy an amp for themselves to use. So those pedals and sounds won't do me any good if I still don't know as much as I should, and I can't play very well.....and without a serious band to play with (mostly at a gig), it won't help