well im thinking about buying a 2 channel dual rectifier off of ebay pretty soon and i have a few questions. first of all, when playing live i usually switch between heavy distortion and light gain and barely ever use cleans. so would it be possible to somehow get a light/classic rock distortion from the clean channel without any pedals? also, how does the versatility of the 2 channels compare to the 3 channels?

Yea I think the clean channel has a gain control and you can set it to pushed with a switch which would give you light gain.
Yeah you can definately do that. What I like to do is clone the clean channel to red so I get high gain tones out of it, I just like the tone better. Then the red channel is set on vintage and you turn the preamp gain down and crank it and you get nice low gain/crunch out of it.

Really versatile amp, you'll love it :thu: