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So this is whats going 'down'

The band im in at the moment is pretty awesome. Without sounding like a tool we're all pretty good at what we do. The problem is at the moment we're only doing covers. We've been together since early this year and have played a few shows around town.

Im starting to loose intrest cos we just sit around and play metallica.

This is what our practice is like

We get there and set up - Play master of puppets (im so sick of that song its not funny) as a 'warm up' - we go though our set which is 5 or 6 sabbath, 'Tallica and AC/DC songs - we say we should write somthing but the other fellas loose intrest and we go back to covers or just sit there.

I want to write songs and create stuff. I've writen a few songs on Guitar Pro but they are really basic due to my lack of ability in the guitar and drum department.

How can I get my band mates motivated. I dont wanna leave cos I wouldnt find another band till I start uni next year (maybe) but I dont wanna sit around playing covers for the rest of my days.

Thanks friends

- Lachlan
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pick out scales and mess with them.make a riff,get everyone interested,start going further and further away from scales,and sooner or later you won't need scales at all,and you can blow riffs out of no where.in order to get them to write something get them started,and in order to get them started,YOU need to start.lyrics will come later.find the music first.unless you already made up lyrics.in that case,come up with something.the band will follow
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thats exactly like my band. exept instead of metallics, sabbath, etc. we play more interpol, moving units, silversun pickups the rapture, the mars volta, etc. you should try what im doing. im getting bored as hell too. so im writing a song just one guitar. im almost done, and then im gonna take it to my bandmates and let them do their thing and add their instruments on. pretty simple and straightforwars. no guarantees though.
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Kick those little buggers in the behind!

Either that or Bail man, if you've been together this long and nothing has happened maybe you should find another band. If you can't find one until uni next year then spend the time up until then honing your skills so that when you get to uni you'll be much more comfortable with writing and playing.

Either that or move to Goulburn and join my band! hahaha