the first one, Canon Rock, its just a cover, but with modifications.

The second song, Santa Clause is coming to town, i figured out by ear, cuz i couldnt fidn any good tabs. I also composed the rest of the song,

The last one, i created all of it. But drums i downloaded off the internet. But every gutiar line is played by me. The bass part too. I played that on my guitar.

plz tell me how u like it
Anyone play gunbound? then add johnny93

....you must tap into: THE FORCE!
....or: THE FORCE! will leave you
....then, you will no longer have: THE FORCE!
Sorry man but to me it doesn't sound too good. The levels are a bit off, the guitar sometimes cuts off, the playing needs more practice also (timing, wrong notes etc). Hope you don't get discouraged by my comments and will keep practicing and upload better versions soon.
Good luck!