I have an Epiphone Explorer, and the thing keeps on head diving because of its weight at the neck.

When I sit down and play my elbow I play without resting my arms on any part of the guitar(because it doesn't head dive), but when I stand up and play, I have to rest my elbow on the "fin" of the guitar to keep it from falling down. I don't feel any discomfort doing it, it just feels different. I read in here that it's best to keep your arms unanchored because it causes tenseness and friction... and I don't know if resting my elbow on the "fin" classifies as anchoring.

Is this going to hurt my playing in the long run or is it OK to play like this?

Sorry if it's hard to understand...

Thanks in advance
i dont suppose it would really hurt your playing otherwise you should have noticed a difference by now, could you not just buy a good strap and fart around with it till you get it to a height and posish that it can sit in fine without fallin?
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I rest my elbow on there to counter the weight because it feels uncomfortable supporting the neck with my left hand.

I've found that if I put the guitar really really low, then the head won't dive, but It's really hard to play that way...

I've read that people replace the strap pins to the back of the guitar, but since that would void the warranty, I'd like to fix the problem without doing it.