I'm playing though an Epiphone Les Paul Custom...

There are two sounds I'm looking for:

1). http://youtube.com/watch?v=yHdisoXY_Go
2). http://youtube.com/watch?v=DzPWpZ7Az5I

And similar ones, are there a pickups that can get both of these sounds? I've been playing for awhile but have no past experience with pickups. I'm willing to spend whatever really, it's still cheaper than buying a new guitar.

Slap in a Super Distortion and a PAF Pro, I run this set one of my LPs.
What amp are running?
Nice to know that there are Diru fans out there, I used to be guitarist/vocalist in a Diru cover band until everyone relocated to New York to get more attention...

I'm not sure what year it is since I bought it on eBay, but it's fairly new. Other sounds I like are Luna Sea, Sex Machineguns, L'arc~en~ciel (current band is covering mostly Laraku), and the likes. Right now we're trying to raise a little more awareness on jrock so that is the sound I'd like to stick around.

The amp I'm using right now is a Palomino v32.