well... the sound quality is ok for what you pay. and that's just it. its "ok" for what you pay. which isnt an aweful lot. i guess its just that it's really bad compared to what you could get. most people have guitars that cost over $300. and a first act compared to that is pretty bad.
what isnt wrong with it?
i smashed mine on the soemones head while it was on fire.
my freinds head in fact
I started on a first act electric... got me through learning the major chords, but really its better to just save and buy something decent because now on top of the First Act eventually you are going to have to buy a better guitar (as these are strictly meant for beginners) and then you'll have a useless guitar of no $ value laying around (unless ofcourse you donate it to piginacanoe212 who will light it on fire and smash it on his friends head for you).
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See how long it lasts you without getting a dead note.

^^ Just had a 74' fender f50 acoustic finally go to **** with every string buzzing and dead notes up and down the board. Just suddenly happened over a month or so after being used for over 30 years by multiple guitarists, RIP.

A first act would probably last about a year if you play it at a moderate level, thats the difference between a good and bad guitar. they dont sound bad at first but in a lot of cases they break so quickly its worthless to even buy them.
A relative of mine purchased a First Act. When she wanted me to set it up for her, I pulled it out of the box to find all the strings loose, dead notes, and the action set horribly. After that experience, I believe that First Act guitars are not even worth the materials they are made out of.
As you grow as a musician you will aquire a better ear for tone, you will notice things you don't notice now. First act guitars are really bad, ok to start out on i suppose but they are terrible in comparison to a decently made guitar and absolutely dreadful in comparison to a really good guitar.

For now I'm glad youre having a good time, but dont be too surprised if, in time. you have problems or you notice that other guitars sound better.
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Nothing wrong with the guitar at all. It's an entry level guitar and will work to get started on. It ain't gonna be a Martin but most guitars aren't. When you get more experience and scratch you can move up to a nicer guitar. You will know what you like by then.