Hi everyone! I'm new. Ok so I've only been playing acoustic guitar for a few months and, although I love it and am fine with finger-picking, I'm really struggling with strumming. I drop picks all over the place and get terrible noises when I try to strum with my fingers. The only way I can seem to get a good strumming sound is to use my thumb but the sound is quieter than the pick and my guitar teacher keeps telling me I'd be better using the pick for the volume. Any suggestions? I noiced that you can get thumb picks, does anyone think they would help?
I grow my finger nails out a little longer and strum with them, but my friend gets the same weird sounds when he tries to strum with out a pick (then again, he gets a similar sound when he uses a pick too). My suggestion is to just practice. A lot.

That being said, I can't finger pick to save my life.
No...just practice it more often, of course. It always starts out easier to use your thumb, but you'll see how much you were limiting yourself if you spend even a little serious time with a pick
DUde you reaally need to hold on to the pick properly, it doesnt even need to be that tight.
A thumbpick may help, but you should still hold it like a normal pick, only difference being its attached to your thumb,
When strumming without a pick, i can't use my fingernails, so i use my thumb and it mutes things out. No Good.
Get a pick
i carry a pick around in my pocket usually, and most days i'll play with it and it makes you more comfortable holding one...
it also helps for cases when your playing with a pick, and then you need to flip it between your index and middle finger to play with your thumb, and then flip it back...
so basically, carry one around on you and play with it, like, pull it out and start flipping between your fingers if your agitated.
Thanks for the advice guys. I was also wondering, what the hell do you do when you have to switch between strumming and picking during the course of a song?