im looking to buy an acoustic guitar, but heres what i want.

- really easy to play (to solo on and play classical and jazz stuff)
- doesnt sound like ****
- and since im on a budget, in between $150 - 250

yamaha or ibanez.
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I'd steer clear of Ibanez in that price range and go with the Yamaha FG700S($200). You could probably find a used FG750S for $250, which is a great guitar for the money, even if you pay the retail price of $400.
Yamaha. Yes.
Ibanez. Errr no thankyou, never really seemed worth what you paying for to me, look fancy, but thats bout it. Plenty of people who love them though.

Might want to check these out.

I have had great experiences with the Yamaha's and Alvarez's. Seagulls too.
The rest i cant really speak of, Washburn's and Takamine's are generlaly much mroe expensive where i live and i dont think they represent the same value for money as they do in the US, and I don't see them as much, so I've never really sat down with one. Washburn's I just havent seen and the ones I've seen on the internet have seemed much too expensive compared to what you pay over in the US, so cant talk there either. Also never seen a Samick.
Epiphones....heard lots of good stuff about them, only played a couple. were pretty good