Hey, I've been lurking around these forums looking through all the threads for advice but can't really seem to find any. Basically, I'm looking for a new amp, and I play mostly Hard Rock/Prog Rock/and some blues. I also own a Vox Tonelab effects board. The problem is every amp I seem to try it with (for example Line 6 amps), and i get terrible tone. I just want an amp with limited effects but a good tone that I can use this with to get a nice tone. Any suggestions? Thanks
Yeah I have looked at tube amps, but its been difficult finding a nice one in the $500 price range (P.S. im looking for a combo because im going to university next year and dont have the space to lug around a stack)
Oh i see. Tubes will be super loud anyway. I'd look into.... ****... I'd say a Valveking 112 but thats still 50 watts.

You could make a fender blues junior sound like a marshall if you got a nice multi-effects pedal. That's probably the way I'd go, unless you could spend around 1000 and get a laney lionheart combo. 5watts.
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