So I'm in the market for a good old fashioned shred guitar. I'm about to get an archtop to be my workhorse to play rock, blues, cleans and jazz and I now I would like a shred guitar.

I'd like a maple backing for the neck (fretboard doesn't really matter, though rosewood would be preferred.), EMG's or some kind of good high gain pickup in it, a floyd rose or a good copy, because from what I have read, the lower end RG floyd rose copy sucks. A lot.

Price limit is 450. I was thinking either the ESP LTD Alexi Laiho 200 or something along those lines.

Ibanez S series. Thin fast silky maple back necks, rosewood fronts. ZR tremolo... imo better than floyd rose licensed. look it up on the ibanez website
With you budget the Ibanez s series may be right for you, unless you are willing to save more.
The Ibanez S series seems alright. But I dislike the color of the only couple in my price range. Anything else?
I haven't heard too many good things about the Alexi-200. RR3's aren't that bad. The neck width is a little wide for my taste, but it still sounded pretty well and played great. I'm not too sure about how much they are new though. I've seen some go for $450, and others go for $700, both looking exactly the same.
Ibanez s320, honestly its probably your best choice for a good guitar with a tremmelo under 500.