But the curiosity is killing me. Couldn't I just get an almost cheap amp head, like 120W or something, and then just hook it up to plain old speakers? I mean, I understand the power and crap would have to match up, I don't want to blow any speakers, but still, couldn't I just do that instead of buying a combo amp or a head/stack thingy?
Do you mean stereo speakers?

No. For one thing, the connectors will be completely different, not to mention the impedance ratings. Even if you could you'd blow seven shades of **** out of the speakers and likely cause damage to your amp too, it wouldn't be much different from running a valve head without a cab.
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well yes if the speaker wattage would equal up to 120+ watts. BUT, the ohms have to match, and it probably wouldnt sound as good. Somethign about the words CHEAP, 120W, HEAD, dont sound good together. What is your budget, and styles of music played? We can probably suggest you along a better road. Also will you be gigging, and are they miced gigs?

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dude cabs are the cheapest part of rig anyway. you can find good 4x12 cabs for 300 or less.
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Well, Windsor is cheap, ya know. It's only downfall is lack of a usable clean tone.
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Well, I suppose I should specify further. I'm choosing a new amp now and a lot of amps have "Speaker Outs" now. So, why not just plug into a set of old home theater speakers? I have two in my room that i use for like radio and stuff and it has three OHM settings and they say 100W on the back, so say a 100W head (any one, just for the sake of keeping it simple) and some speaker wires? And isn't a cab just some speakers popped together?
"speaker out" means "cab out"
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