what are a few good riffs to practice? i need some to practice. some of the songs i can already partly play pretty fast are; (slayer) south of heaven (guns n' roses) sweet child o' mine(ac/dc) thunderstruck (lamb of god) omerta (as i lay dying) confined (system of a down) aerials (deftones) my own summer (shove it) etc. i'm not that good yet and haven't even memorized even basic chords/scales. i can pick really really fast for someone of my low skill tho haha. oh and i hate punk/emo music so please leave me out of anything concerning those genres, thanx
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hey try learning metallica riffs such as sad but true, master of puppets etc..
any metallica songs r good!
lol u sound like me

play some of these

raining blood- slayer
dead skin mask - slayer
seek and destroy - metallica
master of puppets - metallica
number of the beast - iron maiden
mother russia - iron maiden
the trooper - iron maiden
laid to rest - lamb of god (hard as hell lol)

those are just a few sweet metal riffs i love to play
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hey try learning metallica riffs such as sad but true, master of puppets etc..
any metallica songs r good!

absolutely right
how could you not go for metallica with the list of bands you put up there
they're AWESOME, and the guitar work in them is excellent
metallica for life
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

heh the thing about metallica is that listening to their crappy (no offense) new stuff ruined even the old stuff for me so i can't stand them anymore lol
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lol, I have a really good left hand, but I suck at picking

You know what would be good for you: the 40th symphony from Mozart...

or else some iron maiden or dream theater
i reckon what aeon20k said laid to rest: lamb of god hard but once youve craked it it sounds awsome
i definatly enjoy alot of black dahlia murder man their easiest song elder misanthropy it took me nto too long to learn maybe a good hour ro soo for timing but its sweet and also contrair to popular belief job for a cowboy is pretty easy to if your a fast picker try out entombment of a machine thats their easiest song imo or decapitated's spheres of madness
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what kind of metal do you want to play?
Up the Punx!
well this is metalcore, but...

lamb of god - one gun, lamb of god - ashes of the wake

the main riffs are played kinda quickly, but you said you can play fast riffs, so give them a try,
also, someone suggested laid to rest, which is also pretty fun
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or metallica the song ''one'' is good to to learn for beginners.

Yeah I remember it only took me about an hour to nail the solo after 3 months of playing. Great beginner's song.
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Fade to Black is a good one. Sounds awesome and not too tough to pick up.

Maybe Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold or Electric Head by White Zombie.
On a side note, learn your basic chords (G, D, C, Am, E, Em) and at least the minor and major pentatonic scales. They'll do wonders to your playing. Those should be step 1 in learning guitar of any style.
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=osome of the same stuff i likke im about the same level as you

through struggle at a slow pace
master of pupets
unholy conffesssions