Well as you can tell by the title I dont know if I should get a right handed guitar or a left handed guitar. like I said I am right handed. But when I hold a guitar my left fingers just dont really move as good as my right fingers. so I think I would do better with a leffty, but im not sure. is this normal? what should I get?
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I'm left handed, but right handed guitars were way more easier to use than lefty's, so just go with whatever feels comfortable

Totally right, play whatever is comfortable. If you're not comfy you can't play your best.
Ok thanks. Does any any one have any ideas of a good lefty guitar? i want a package with a bunch of begginer stuff in it but it seems pretty hard to find in leftys.
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Ok thanks. Does any any one have any ideas of a good lefty guitar? i want a package with a bunch of begginner stuff in it but it seems pretty hard to find in leftys.

If you're just starting get this
and then when you get better you can upgrade guitars because left handeds are kind of scarce and expensive imo,
yeah some guitarists are actually ambidextrous. i think hendrix may have been somewhat.

in response to your situation though.... I felt like that too at first, but after just a few days of playing it started to reverse. your right handed, so your right hand will feel more dextruous in any new unfamiliar situation.

EDIT: and please dont get a beginner pack... they suck so much ass. all the stuff you get is such poor quality, from the tuner to the guitar, the amp, even the picks. I really wish someone had stopped me before I did that for my first guitar. I could have gotten a nice used one and not had to upgrade after 3 months.
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If you can play with both, I'd suggest using your right, for one simple reason: better choice of guitars, at cheaper prices. Lefties are still underrepresented in the market and frequently get ripped off.
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well I dont know then. I want to play a right handed. because thats what i am. I have played a real guitar and it felt wierd. but I have played righty for days on guitar hero =) and I didnt get any better with that hand.
As an ambidextrous guitar player and naturally left-handed person, I personally feel no difference in playing either way nor did I when I was learning.
Ok then mabey I will get a righty. but can I get an amp withs headphone jacks and an eletric guitar, headphones. and anything elce I need fo under $300
in decent quality, that would be a no. You might be able to find something, but I recommend just getting a decent used or new squier and maybe a roland microcube??? might be a little over $300
Honestly, if you're just starting out, you can learn either way. Get the right-handed so that you have better choices and prices for guitars.
It means the neck is 3/4 of an inch longer than a 24.75" scale neck so the frets are slightly more spaced out. I personally prefer a 24.75" neck but it doesn't really make that much difference in all honesty. I think a lot of people wouldn't be aware of the distinction unless they were told about it.
"It's not a beard, it's an animal I've trained to sit very still" - Bill Bailey
Dont get a lefty, you will have limited options and guitars are usually more expensive.
whatever you feel comfortable with. my friend is left handed and he plays righty...and he's improving really quickly, seeing as his left hand is more coordinated. whatever way you decide, you'll get used to it after a while. i'll just say this, though: going lefty would be pretty neat, but expect to pay more for each guitar you buy.
If you are just starting out then get a right handed one. You'll than yourself later.
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my dad is left handed and started playing right handed, then after about 20 years he decided he should have started playing left handed and regrets learning to playing the other way round
I'd always say get a righty.

Playing guitar is a completely new skill; it'll be just as difficult no matter what hand you use. You won't be magically better using a lefty than a righty, and it will be a major pain in the ass to find guitars as you get more advanced if you choose left handed. They are much more expensive and often much harder to find.

Do yourself a favour and just suck it up; play right handed.
I'm right handed for things like writing and throwing, but I play left handed guitar, and bat in baseball left handed. If it's comfortable playing left handed, go for it, the on;y think I hate about being left handed is there aren't many guitars to choose from.