right now ive got a yamaha pacifica and fender g dec amp
but i want to get a better guitar and i dont know what to get
i usually play red hot chili pepper songs like californication, scar tissue etc
i dont want to spend too much, mayb $1000 or if i can mayb $1500
any suggestions?
dont want to spend too much.... 1500? thats it? you cant even get solid platinum tuners for that price. you cheap bastard. try digging up something in a dumpster behind the music shop.

hahaha ok seriously though thats so much money. for that price you can get an all tube half stack and a used american strat in perfect condition.
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Alternately, I'd recommend a cheaper guitar (nice MIM Strat, for example) and then a nice amp in the $1,000 range.

If you want to see why, go to a guitar shop. Pick up any "good" guitar and go play it through a "cheap" amp. Then pick up a cheap guitar and play it through a good amp. You tell me which one sounds better.
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Are you in a band or playing with others regularly? If not then go for the guitar 1st. Spend the extra $ for the MIA or something comparable. MIM and MIJ can't hold a stick to the build quality and electronic components of the American version. There is a tone difference.

You don't need a $1000 amp to play at home..... although it's nice. Even if you start jamming around chances are something mediocre will get you buy.

My suggestion would be don't invest in an amp until you're ready to construct "your" tone and sound that you want to be part of your rig.
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