i use my pinky once in a while when necessary, but now that i've started to play some harder songs, I've found that i can't move my pinky fast enough. anyone know any good pinky exercises?
try some 4 note per sting paterns. start slow and work your way up. also try doing some fret streching. just anything you can think of to build the streangth up in your pinky
Sorry mate i have no exercises for you but i suffer the same problem as u. when i play i dont even use my pinky it just tucks itself away and i have no control over it

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play your usual riffs, but don't use your index finger. your middle finger frets where your index normally would've, ring where your middle would've, and use your pinky for any/everything else. it's a bitch but it really helps you learn to stretch that sucker out and nail those tricky solos later on.
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G---------------1-3------------------------3-1-----------------------------------and so on

For this exercise use only your pinky and ring finger. This is my warm up and you just go all the way down the neck. If you have trouble with this just start farther down the neck to make it easier.
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and u can do this back and forth up and down the neck
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