hey guys
i recently got a line 6 spider III 75w half stack and i was testin it out a bit at home. it was quiet at home but when i brought it to jam with a few people it started going crazy and feedback was like constant. my guitar is a ibanez rg120 and its not like when i hold the strings it stops. it just keeps on going. does anyone have an idea why? if not im just gonna bring my guitar to a repair shop because my amp seems to be fine. (ive tested it on the exact same amp that works fine)
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It could be a number of things. The most frequent culprit is how close you are to the amp. Move further away if you can, the pickups wil interfere less with the magnetic field of the speaker. Another issue could be volume - I'm guessing at practice you'll be playing louder than at home so you're naturally more likely to get feedback. There's not much you can do about it. The other thing it might be is factors within the building itself - badly shielded electrical cables, TVs or PCs causing interference, even things like Wi-fi networks. Try moving the amp somewhere else in the room, it might help.
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i literally tried all of that D:
the thing is my brother has the exact same amp and he plays right next to me. and i tried using everything of his except the guitar and it still does the same thing. i just wanted to get your guys' opinion.
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its the cables they are undershielded... get some planet waves cabls... cant go wrong there!
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It's the Spider mate. They are renowned for feeding back like fiends at anything over practise volume. I had to use one at a house party gig once and I had the same problems. Sorry to say it, but you need a new amp if you plan on gigging really.
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