Hey, everyone. I was wondering if you could help me out with a little issue.

I've been playing acoustic for a while and I've only rarely picked up an electric, but my intent has always been to play an electric, so I think it's about time to get one, being Christmas and all.

What I really need help with is just general direction for sound. The type of sound I'd like, I can only liken to "Suck My Kiss" and "Mellowship Slinky in B Major" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a sound I'd describe as dirty and gritty. Something rough and unrefined, but if necessary, something I can also switch to a clean sound.

I'm sure many of you are thinking, "Just get a strat, that's what John played. And it's versatile as hell." But I really like the look of the Jaguars, too. Just my thoughts.

My price ceiling is around $600-$700, not including an amp or anything else.

I've looked at videos on youtube and read stuff, but what I really want to hear is owners' opinions of the sound of their own instruments. Any advice would really be appreciated. I'm going to the store on Monday to try them out, and get a feel for them, so any direction as to which ones I should try out first would help me out bunches.

Thanks again, everybody.

Thanks for the advice, guys.
Ibanez Gems are really good but not sure if you could pick one up in your price range but its always worth a go....maybe ebay? If your likening your style to 'Suck My Kiss' By the chili's then thats played on a Fender Stratocaster and thats probably in your price range.
I think you need to go to a music shop and play a lot of different guitars to see what best fits your needs. Always check the used stuff out you'll get a better deal on a used guitar and there is a lot of room for haggleing on the price. It's possible the shops will have a lot of used equipment after the holidays a lot of people are trading up from what the guys I deal with at GC and Daddy's are telling me.

I never cared for Strats, a Jag is about the only Fender I can stand and I wouldn't mind having an old one myself. I tried the Squier one but it's not even close to the real thing.

A lot is going to depend on your amp choice as well so when you decide on a guitar make sure the amp your playing it thru at the store is a match to yours or is what your going to buy. You need to get to a music shop and play every thing they have. In about an hour I am heading up to NH to hit several music and pawn shops. I'll try and play everything! LOL