I can do them if I stop, adjust my pick until it's perfect then find the right spot on the string - not ideal when in the middle of the song. So I'm thinking maybe i'm holding my pick wrong since I have to adjust it. so how do you guys hold your pick and are able to do pinch harmonics just like that?
i choke up pretty far on my pick so i can just do it, my advice hold your pick in the position you have to to do a harmonic and get used to playing like that. go up and down scales, strum so chords ect.
OP: Honestly just practice. It'll come way more natural with time. Sometimes a slight adjustment may be necessary, but mostly I just got used to playing with the pick close to the edge.
i simply sanded down my pick so its small enough to be able to do pinch harmonics whenever i want but still be big enough to strum with. very helpful.
For Pinch Harmonics I don't change my pick position in my hand at all, I change the angle so that as soon as my pick gets to the bottom of that string, my thumb has just hit the top. It works for me, especially when in a solo around the 12-17 range beacause you can fire right back into any kind of appregios, or economy picking that you do.
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well i've got my thumb on the pick in such a way that i can easily lower the middle part of it to touch the harmonic,
in that position it lies as low as the tip of the pick, which is has a sharp end,
which makes this approach much easier..
this way the technique itself is just hittin the string, and letting the middle
part of the thumb slip past it..
it's one of the ways, but one that's most comfortable for me, and has many benefits, ie you can hit the string whatever way you want,
so you're not stuck to 1 way and thus are limited to a small range of dynamics,
whilst this technique allows for may more, and you don't have to readjust your pick,
which was innitially the problem you mentioned.
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