Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I've been having with my strat.
It's a strat deluxe with samarium cobalt noiseless pickups. Anybody who's familiar with the guitar knows that it has the S-1 switch that enables a lot of different pickup configurations.

Well my problem is that when the S-1 switch is down. I get a weird hiss coming out of the amp. I doubt its anything else on the signal chain because it disappears as soon as I place the switch in the up position. What could this be?

If it helps, heres a diagram with the pickup config with S-1 up and down. (Mine is the one in the second page).


Thanks in advance
Same here, but only in some combinations, don't remember which there was, however because I don't have the guitar with me lol.

EDIT: Are you sure they're noiseless?
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haha yeah I'm sure they're noiselesss.

Anyway the problem already fixed itself. I tried all the combinations but it was crystal clear. I think it might've been something else interfering with my signal chain and it seems to be gone now.